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The fishing portion of this site is dedicated to my son John, who found his own inspiration to fish and has as much passion for it as his dad. And to Stetson, Shelbi and Parker who are already wetting lines... John caught the record Muskie in Lake Bemidji. I thank my Dad and my Uncle Nick who took me fishing when I was young. And Wiley who is a fishing pal and to all the people I meet on my fishing adventures. The experience has been fantastic and it continues with every trip.

Below are links to some of my many fishing trips, as well as other things I get involved in.

This was my 91 Bayliner Trophy...23.5' long....5.0 Mercruiser....
 It caught a lot of fish.


Stetson Watts and Robin Davey Wedding September 10, 2016

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Live streaming Owl Box

Great Horned Owls  Lily's first egg hatches

Some of my Southern California Fishing Trips

October 3, 2017 Black Marlin Fishing The Great Barrier Reef
August 17,2017 - INTREPID Bluefin Tuna
August 2016 INTREPID
August 15-20, 2013- INTREPID
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1986 Mako

1986 Bigeye - 121

Fishing Friends



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Jeff Melberg

Art's Marlin

Cabo/East Cape

East Cape 2005

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Tuna Slayer

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Pacific Ocean


Kona 2006







Maui  1994

Kona 1985


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British Columbia



Friday Harbor

Neah Bay

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Back Yard

Front Porch



Agave Americana


Boots  &  Cecil


Horse Shoer





Pit Fires

Building a Kiln 




Water Run-off

Water Well Project

Palm Tree



Wild Cucumbers

Ground Squirrels

John & Jody

Stetson, Shelbi & Parker



Bemidji 2006

John's 2003 Vacation

John's Garage-2002

John & Stetson 2000

Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scoop



Valerie La Pietra

Roof Repair San Diego Fire 2007 Lake Poway - after the fire Water Main

October 26, 2003 - San Diego Firestorm

Road Repair


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February 6, 2016 - Tucker passed away. He had just turned 13 years old on January 27, 2016. Tucker was a very happy addition to the family. Alway's full of energy, hence the name DENLEE RANCH's NEVER TUCKER. Tucker loved to swim in the pool. Tucker will be missed! Tucker

April 27, 2013 - Sage passed away. He was over 30 years old. Sage joined us in Seattle in 1990. He was a great trail horse and took us on many trail rides. From Tiger Mountain in Seattle, Washington to Lake Poway, San Diego California, he was a great friend.  Sage was in charge of the corral on the ranch.

December 10, 2007 - ZAK passed away. Zak was nearly 15 years old.  He was a hearty terrier, an inspiration for persistence. Earlier this year he had a stroke, and could barely move for a couple of days. But he would work at getting up on all four legs, hobble over to the dog door and make his way outside to do his business.

April 6, 2006 - Boots, our cat passed away. Boots was a rescue cat from the Seattle Animal shelter in January of 1990. He was estimated to be 17 years old. Boots was a cat like no other, he seemed to be part dog.

On June 8, 2003, Tank, our yellow Lab passed away. He was 13-1/2 years old and gave us that many years of love. He will always be remembered.


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