June 2000

Starting off with a bang.... Saturday, June 3, Al, Ben (my neighbor) went out on my boat. I was at the boat at 3:00 am, to load 6 extra 5 gallon cans of gas, and rods that I had at the house because I fished with Al last week and to generally get the boat ready so we could leave at 4:00am. Al and Ben arrived at 4:00am. There was a line at the bait receiver so we finally were on our way at 5:00am. We were going for Albacore down at the 425.... Once we got to the 425, we started trolling. Walter on the Bonnie Rose shared some numbers for an Albacore bite about 10 miles south. We were trolling from the 425 Southwest and might have gotten there on our own, or may have stopped short, so the radio helped us get to the fish. We pulled the lines and hauled ass to the numbers. Once we arrived at the numbers, we put started trolling again and had a double hookup within 5 minutes. When we got those fish in, we started trolling and got a single. We continued and got a total of 10 fish and if we had stayed longer, we would have easily had our 15 fish limit, but I was concerned about fuel and the wind for the return trip. Al and Ben were very happy. We trolled in the return direction for a while and something whacked the purple Cedar Plug, but didn't stick, then hit the purple Rapala, ripping it out of the flatline clip, then cutting off the Rapala, then hit a feather, ripping it from the out rigger and cutting it off.... What ever it was, it has some new hardware in it's mouth.  We pulled the lines and made our way 'uphill' to the Coronados where we slowed down and I cleaned the fish. Picked up speed again and made it back to the fuel dock with 8 gallons left, cutting it pretty close. Got back to the slip at 4:30. The right stuff for the day were: ..... Purple Cedar Plug-2, Melton hollow Jet Head Sardine color-2, Channel Island Chovey Fish Trap 2, Purple CD-14 Rapala-1, Green/Yellow CD-14 Rapala-1.

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Al Ben Dennis
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June 9-14..... Took a long weekend to visit my son in Minnesota. We traveled from St Cloud to Bimidgi where his wifes family has a cabin on a lake surrounded by 60 acres.... We fished for Northern Pike from sunrise to sunset. The greatest part was watching and helping the grandkids, Stetson, Shelby and Parker, catch fish....

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Fished again Saturday June 17th with Al Kelly and Ben Gerrido on my boat, Tight Lines. Went to 302 then West. Got a triple to start the day off west of 302 in 65 degree water. Scattered fish out to 10 miles beyond 302. We had 9 fish for the day. All jig fish in the 20 lb range. Fish seemed to be boat shy, biting lines that were further back..... Hot lure was the small purple 'Catchy' accounting for 4 fish. Could hear the 'fleet' at the 43 getting fish.

Fished Thursday, June 22 on the Dolphin 2 out of Islandia... Didn't get back in til 9pm....I only got 3 Albacore, almost had the jackpot on a baitfish, but missed by the rock of the boat.

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Forgot what it was like to fight for space at the bait tank and the rail....... The boat got 54 albacore, 5 Yellowtail most were jig fish from 33 jig stops....... We were 55 miles from the 5-bouy at Point Loma....32-03-069/117-55-038.

Standard trolling jigs worked...... almost all jig fish were on anchovies which were smallish for the hooks used for sardines. I finally went down to a #4 hook and 15lb test with 1/4 oz lead and got bit.

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