November 2000

11/18/00-I finally got to go fishing again. I wanted to try out a boat called the Indian, out of H&M Landing. The skipper Chris Randall was on Let's Talk Hookup and I liked his attitude. Last Friday night, the Indian was on a 2 day charter, so I paid to go on the Sea Adventure for an overnight trip to fish Rockfish. I hit the sack at about 10, as it was leaving the slip. I dozed off several times on the way to the bait barge. There was a noisy group of 12 that came in from Las Vegas that made it a little tough to sleep. They were running through the bunk area, whooping it up and having a good time. I know we stopped at the bait barge and did get bait, then I slipped off. Once again I woke up and could hear someone clearing the area where the engine hatch was and I detected the fact that we weren't moving. I finally figured out we were in the slip and probably weren't going fishing on this boat. I got up, gathered my gear and went on deck. The skipper indicated he would get the Alecia, a smaller boat, t take the group out if they wanted to go. They did, but I didn't. The skipper gave me a raincheck. I got home at 1:30am.

11/25/00-Still wanting to get out to the outer banks for rockfish, I checked the landing and the Indian was doing an overnight leaving Friday night. II had most of my gear already loaded, added a few things and I was set. Got down to H&M about 8:30 and the guy recognized me from the week before and took my raincheck from the other boat. That worked out pretty good. I gathered my gear and went down to the boat and grabbed a 'state room'. That's pretty good, 5, 2-3 people staterooms in the bow area and bunks in the stern area. I ended up with the whole room to myself. Same drill, I hit the sack as we leave for the bait. I slept off and on as we bucked the swells a distance of 70 miles. I got up at 5:30, got squared away and was ready to start fishing at 6:00am. The skipper had us drop more for practice and to check out the gear. No fish, so we moved to the upper end of the 60 mile bank.

I will usually fish the bow of the boat, primarily to avoid tangles. Someone was already there. Whoever it was had a good rig, so I took the spot next to that. When the guy showed up, he looked like he was probably a deck hand and he fished pretty good. I think he had 12 fish to my two, but I was fishing for big fish. Big bait, big fish. We finally moved to deeper water and I started to catch fish. Nice Salmon Grouper. And my style of working it hard when you are in the bite paid off. I pulled up a nice fish, one of the bigger ones I have seen. I was trying for a Cow Cod, but never got one. The new regulations are for 2 per BOAT..... that sucks. Towards the end, we had heard there were two caught at the back of the boat, so even if we caught one, we would have to let it go.

When we stopped fishing, it was time for the Jackpot weighing. I dug the big Salmon Grouper out of my sack. I finally saw the Cow Cod, and it wasn't as big. You never know because the Salmon Grouper looks big, but are usually thin. And I had no idea what else was in the other sacks. First I was challenged by another salmon grouper.. no contest. Then the Cow Cod, close, but even the rocking boat didn't help. Several others tried their Salmon Groupers, but mine held. So I won the $90 jackpot, which I gave to the crew.   Made my day.....

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