October 2000

Finally got back to the East Cape October 5 through October 10. I stayed at Martin Verdugos Resort in Los Barriles. The room was $61 per day for 3, which included a refrigerator, sink and stove. I fish on the super cruisers with Ronny Verdugo and they go for $290 a day. Fishing is usually 7am to 3pm. Ronny does what it takes to catch fish, which often means leaving earlier or getting back late. I brought my son John and grandson Stetson for their first ever venture into Mexico.  John got his first Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado. The Tuna kicked his butt. Stetson  got one Sailfish and several Dorado. We entered Chuy's 4th annual Catch and Release fishing contest and it turned out to be by angler, so I let John catch most of the billfish. He took second place. I caught a 64# Tuna and ended up taking first place for non-billfish. Pete Gray was down there at the same time with a group and we outfished the best boat of the group, with 7 billfish and the 64# Tuna although I heard they got a Wahoo....

In the tournament package, were Eagle Claw 6/0, 7/0 and 8/0 circle hooks in a little heavier style than I brought. I have been circle hooks for all my other fishing, so I had the mate hook up all the bait rigs with circle hooks. We caught the blue marlin, with a circle hook in the corner of the mouth, as well as five of the sails. We lost several sails as the mate wanted to do the famous 'set the hook' move on every fish. I finally got him settled down and we stopped losing fish. The circle hooks worked great for the tuna. I left the circle hooks with Ronny.

Black and Purple 'Eat Me' was the hot jig that kept getting the knockdowns... and even nailed one sail on the last day.  I had two Marlin Parker 'Ruckus' lures in close and then traded out the smaller 'Eat Me' lures in various colors. I forgot my "Big Eddie' Dorado colored Moldcraft teaser. Ronny even asked for it.

I caught two tuna and several Dorado on Channel Island Chovey Fishtraps. The first day fishing the Tuna, I tried the fish traps, but the water was too shallow. Something down there was destroying the fishtraps, leaving little half circle cutouts about the size of a dime. When we moved to deeper water, bingo.

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Mark Thorson took his 21' boat down with help from Jerry Beaudry. They got down the day before we did and caught a blue marlin on the lure I recommended to Mark, a Ruckus, by Marlin Parker from Hawaii. I have caught one and brought up several others on that lure, although I didn't have any action this year. Mark only brought 5-5 gallon gas cans, so he had to make 2 trips everyday to fuel up. The panga wasn't readily available when they would pull up with gas, so it made refueling a chore. Mark would do 5 cans in the evening and then take them back out in the morning. The day before we left, he had his boat pulled out of the water and put into storage at Verdugos, with plans to visit monthly. (pictures to follow)

Fished October 28 with Al on by boat. Headed to the Coronados, heard there we Yellowtail there earlier in the week. First we headed to some numbers Al got from the new 976-BITE web page which put us SE of South Island. Then we trolled around South Island, to the middle grounds, back to the Lee then to Pukey. There were a half dozen private boats and 3 party boats. Didn't sound like there was much action, so I headed to the shallow water rockcod spots and week finished with a limit of Reds....