December 2002

I fished December 7th with Al and Lisa on my boat. The plan was to go for the Ling Cod. We were meeting at the boat at 6, Al was early. I usually get there first and get the boat ready to go. Al visited his daughter in Atlanta and had to work last Saturday, so he was ready to go fishing. We got the boat ready, got to the bait receiver and got a half scoop of the larger sardines. It's about 8 miles out to the spot where we fish for Ling Cod and the seas were smooth, so I was able to comfortably cruise at 22 mph.

We got to the numbers which put us in 340 feet of water. Lisa starts off with a Ling Cod on a jig. Several drops in that area didn't produce anything, so I moved to another number I had in the same area. I switched to a bait rig and started to get bites. Al switched to bait and we picked up a couple of 8 pound Ling Cod. I decided to switch to a rock cod ganion with 4 hooks, baited with live sardines. On my first drop, I get a decent hit, and after a couple of minutes, BINGO, I get hammered pretty good. I decide to bring up my rig. Turned out to be a 10.5lb Ling Cod, 31 inches long. Lisa switched to bait and finally caught another ling cod. We did get a couple of Salmon Grouper in addition to the lings. We also lost a couple of rigs, due to the current running north, which caused the rigs to drag uphill.

The bite slowed, so I moved to my old standby Red spot in about 280 feet of water. First drop, 3 reds. Al caught a Salmon Grouper. Several more drops were hit and miss due to me not getting exactly on the spot. Not a lot of current, but we were drifting north west when I got on the spot. We ended up with 11 Salmon Grouper, 6 Reds, 4 Ling Cod and 1 Copper Rockfish......  Oh I almost forgot, a beautiful December day on the water....

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