June 2002

Terry and I went back to visit my son John and his family in Bemidji, Minnesota from June 21-26. I helped him put up his garage, but took time to go fishing one morning....

Al I and fished on Al's boat, the HIDEOUT, Saturday June 16. Our plan was to meet at the Shelter Island Launch Ramp at 2:30 am. I had to go to my boat to pick up my gear. At 2:00am when I left my boat, I ran into Tom Cahill, I guy I work with, who was going out with Greg on the EN FUEGO, the boat that moved into my slip, when I moved in closer.
Al was 10 minutes early, so our timing was great. I loaded my gear, jumped in Al's truck, dropped the boat in the water and parked the truck. We hit the bait receiver and were on our way at 3 am. Our heading was was about 200 degrees, which had us crossing the westerly swell and allowed us to go 20 knots. We could see the stars as far our as 25 miles, then hit cloud cover. Once we were out past 30 miles, the wind and chop picked up making for a bumpy ride. At 5:30am we passed the 371 and started seeing large flying fish spooked as we fly by. The water temp had dropped to 61.3. We were still 20 miles from some numbers had from reports the day before but we were seeing life. I talk Al into slowing down and start the troll. I put my lines in and take the wheel. Al puts his first line out, then as he is running his second one up the outrigger, he gets hit and my short line gets hit. A double! First two fish in the boat before 6:00am!
We worked our way to Al's numbers at by 9am had 6 fish. We continued to hit other numbers with not much happening. We were down at 32.57-117.36 about 60 miles. The temperature was up to 62.2 so we tried going west to find colder water, into the swell to find the colder water. We estimated 8+ foot swells and wind so it was pretty sloppy and a wet ride.

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After 10 miles of that, we start to back track north paralleling our course down. At 13 miles south of the 371, close to where we hooked the first two fish, we get a hookup, another, three, four and finally they hit the fishtrap, before Al could slow the boat. He was on the radio, trying to find fish, and I yelled 'hookup, two, three FOUR, FIVE'. Al relayed the info to the fleet and one guy got back saying 'Don't you just hate when that happens' :-)

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Al asked, "What should we do?". I said, 'Reel them in!. So one at a time, we brought the fish in, each of us gaffing our own fish. By the time we had the fish in the boat, it was a bloody mess. These were bigger, better fish. All close to 20 pounds.

0615-5fish.jpg (77762 bytes)

0615-al-5fish.jpg (84151 bytes)

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It took a while to get the boat squared away, but finally we took of. The plan was to run in to calmer water so I could clean the fish. At some point Al spots a kelp paddy and I throw some bait. I saw a yellowtail come up and chase a sardine. So we circle back and we cast baits. I get picked up and after a couple of good runs, I land a nice bonito.

We had planned to take turns taking a snooze, but it didn't happen. There was enough action on the radio and our boat to keep us pumped. Once we were 3 miles from Point Loma, I cleaned the fish. We had brought 22 gallons of gas, just in case, but didn't need them to get back. We took time to pour them into the boat tank, then headed for the launch ramp. Al dropped me off, I got his truck, picked him up and parked his rig  just behind my car. We secure all Al's stuff on the boat and I move my stuff to the Yukon.

We traveled 156.8 milesusing 68.8 gallons of gas, almost 2.3 miles per gallon on a bumpy day.

Once again, a great day on the water. 

A 5 fish jig stop!!!

Fished Saturday June 8 with Al on my boat, TIGHT LINES. The plan was to hit the 302 and go as far as the fuel would allow us. I took 20 extra gallons, got to the boat at 2:00am and got it ready. Al arrived at 3:30, we hit the bait receiver and picked a mix of anchovies and sardines. Off we went into the darkness. It was calm enough to do 20 MPH, constantly watching the radar and GPS. At grey light, we found bait and porpoise   just before the 302, so we started the troll. Al did Black/Purple and I did Green/Black. We bucked the swells through the 302 as they got bigger with the help of a little wind. We decided to keep heading west. The water temp seemed to be a consistent 61.3 to 61.7 throughout the area for those who had an accurate Sea Temp. We continued to hear the mix of chatter from the 371. Those with no fish, those with Bonito, one with yellowtail, and one boat that seemed to be in the right place picking up Albacore. Just before we got to the 230, I got a jig strike on the Green/Black small tuna jig. A 15lb fish. We boxed the area, but didn't get another bite. We circled the greater 230, then back to the 302 and toward the Coronado's, but no takers. We stopped at a spot for Ling Cod, but the wind and swells were pushing us to fast. We bagged it and headed for the slip. All in all, good day one the water. The wind didn't get too bad and we caught one fish. Tight Lines......

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