October 2002

Fished Saturday October 26 on my boat. Headed to the old standby Rock cod spots. We fished with jigs and landed some nice fish. The Cow Cod went 11 pounds.

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Daiwa Pacific Charter 3
October 20, 2002


October 20, 2002

We had another charter last weekend, and it was the best so far. The weather was perfect, and the fish were jumping. This was a smaller group who had been on the other trips, with the exception of Rich Frye, who had prior fishing experience.

The bite started just after first light and we basically stayed in the same spot, catching albacore in a steady pick. The ladies were hooking their own fish and for the most part, when the crew hooked a fish to hand off, no one wanted it. They wanted to hook their own.

Since we were sitting in one spot, just drifting, we had blue sharks to contend with. They got a couple of the albies.

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For me the best part is seeing the enthusiasm they all had and the fact that they all want to go again.  



































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10-12 Fished with Al on his boat HIDEOUT out of Point Loma. We left at 2:30 am heading for the Airplane Bank. We arrived at our numbers at grey light, put the jigs in and immediately got three 20-25 pound albacore. Put the jigs back out and got a lot of 'short bites'. Finally hooked two 'rat' yellowtail. We ran across one paddy on the airplane and it was loaded with small yellowtail. We caught a half a dozen, then moved on for Albacore. Couldn't get anymore bites on the Airplane, so we headed to the 390 where we heard there were fish. On the way, we ran across paddy, which we trolled by checking for fish and this albacore hit the stinger. We estimated its weight over 30 pounds.

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10/6 Fished out of Point Loma on my boat for rockfish and visited the Middle Grounds for Yellowtail. The rockfish bite was off the numbers, but I'm not sure if the fish moved or the GPS was off. Picked up Salmon Grouper, one Red and one Ling Cod. Nothing happening on the Middle Grounds. Coming back into Point Loma, there was Star of India, an aircraft carrier and a submarine to contend with.....

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