April 2003

Al, Lisa and I fished on April 12th on Al's boat, when the weather finally let up. We headed to Pukey point and all around the Coronado Islands looking for the elusive Yellowtail. We heard of a few being caught. We caught 9 fish, all different species. Missing from the picture is an Ocean Whitefish and Sand Dab, which we threw back.

0412-soIsland.jpg (99914 bytes)

0412-dab.jpg (88335 bytes)

0412-catch.jpg (75271 bytes)

Coming back into Point Loma, we were stopped by the Department of Fish and Game. Rockfish, which can only be caught in Mexico, is their focus. We had already filled out declaration forms, with the seven fish accounted for between the three of us. Each fish was in it's own baggie, with a one inch patch left on to identify the fish. And the three of us had valid Mexican fishing licenses, American fishing licenses and Al had his Mexican boat permit. I love it when things go right. Wished I would have taken a picture.