January 2003

Lisa and I fished on Saturday 1/11. Al couldn't make it. I decided to hit the honey hole first. What a surprise. No fish, even when I got right on top of the spot. And the drift was odd, first West instead of South, then East. We kept at it and managed to scratch out a few fish, nothing notable. The smaller fish will be great samples for Gyotaku...

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Started of another year by fishing on New Years Day. Al, Lisa and I fished on my boat. The weather forecasts kept changing so we weren't sure what we were in for. Although It was calm inside Point Loma, the incoming tide was making it tough to get on a plane. As we left the bait receiver, the swells were evident and once we past the point, the wind out of the North came into play. The 9 mile ride was interesting, but I managed 22 mph. When we got to the ling cod spot, no one was there. Various drops produced Lings, Salmon Grouper and Reds. We got 2 legal lings and 4 shorts. The wind subsided, but the swells continued all day. If you weren't paying attention to the water, it was hard to stand up at times. After several drops of no fish, I moved to the other spot I have that yields reds. Sure enough, my first drop was a nice big red. Al also got the biggest fish on this drop, a salmon grouper. Lisa laid down while we made the move and didn't wake up until we had made several drops, so she missed the best fish. But she made up for it catching Salmon Grouper and reds. Kenny on the Diawa Pacific came by and said hello. He is on Whale Watches for the next couple of months. By 12:30 we had close to limits, so we started heading back in. Al ran the boat, taking it slow because of the heavy swells the were quartering, with the wind coming head on. I cleaned fish, enjoying the sunshine and the birds.   

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  Lisa and I planned to experiment with Gyotaku. I printed a bunch of information off the internet to get an idea of the technique. Lisa has taken art classes and was far more familiar with the materials than I was.The plan was to just experiment so we would have a better idea of what worked and what didn't. For our first pass, we did 4 prints on sheets that came out pretty good. Lisa will take them to another level with her artistic additions. We plan to frame these when she is done. Lisa kept one small fish to continue to experiment with.

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