November 2003

The Albacore and Yellowfin counts have slowly dwindled amoung the party boats making 1-1/2 day runs. Te last two runs on the LEGEND have gotten 20 Albacore for as many passengers, so I'm not making those runs. I hooked up with Marty Morris and Harry Okuda on Wednesday 11/19. We fished on Marty's boat the KENDAN. Weather was supposed to be nice, with a mild Santa Ana blowing. So they said. We had an easy ride south to the 101, then started to troll. The winds came up from the north west, throwing white caps on the swell. We put out a variety of tuna feathers, cedar plug, marader, and marlin lures, including the EAL. All we got to show for the day on the water was 2 skipjack. Winds died down on the way back making for an easy run home. We fished from sunrise to a beautiful sunset.


November 6, 2003
22 Anglers caught 100 Albacore and 5 Skipjack


Jason Layton

Jason Layton

LEGEND - November 5, 2003

This is the wad of rope that was caught in the LEGENDS port prop 60 miles out. We turned around at 3am, returning to Seaforth Landing. Six of us from that trip who jumped on the ENDEAVOR.