October 2003

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to fish with Dennis on his ALUMINATOR in the Make a Wish tournament when he tied in to the big Albacore. He called a week later and the two of us went down to the 1010 trench. We left mid-day, arriving around 1am. Dennis hit the sack and I took over the watch. I brought several large frozen squid which I had rigged with 12/0 double hooks. The first one over the side attracted other squid, so I was catching live squid while I was drifting the larger squid with a cyclumin light. The first squid was cut in half by the other squid, so I put another on over the side. After a short while the line started to peel off and I heard a splash off in the distance. The fish didn't pull very hard, so I thought it might have been a squid. When I got it close to the boat, I realized it was a Mako.  I gaffed the fish and pulled him on board, carefully avoiding the jaws. I tied the fish up, bled and gutted it. Dennis poked his head up from below to see what the commotion was, then went back to sleep. About 5am, Dennis got up, we got the deck squared away and rigged for trolling. We got our first hookup about 7am, and caught a total of 21 fish off that hookup in less than an hour. We were done for the day. These fish ranged from 30 to 40 pounds. I cleaned the fish while Dennis ran the boat.