August 2004

August 24, 2004 - Lisa, Al and I fished on Al's boat the Hideout, primarily targeting Marlin. We saw a few jumpers off in the distance and one turned out to be this Mako

8/19/04 - I had the opportunity to fish with Marty Morris on the KEN-DAN. Actually, the goal was to help get Marty back out on the water. He had surgery a while back and this was his first outing, so we wanted to make sure he had help if he needed it. He didn't.
The morning started of with a battery problem so Marty pulls back the floor boards and also discovers an oil cap popped off spraying some oil. He climbed in the small space, cleaned up the oil and worked his jumper cables while Geoff started the engines.
Marty ran the boat all day and left the fishing to Geoff and I. When we got in, we all did the usual boat clean up. So I am happy to report, Marty is back!!!

Marty had mackeral and sardines already in the bait wells. Ken got the sardines the day before and they were still in good shape. We slow trolled by the Navy seal piers for mackeral, but didn't get any. Then we checked Everingham but they didn't have any for sale. We did several drops at the far end of the receiver, but no takers. Then we checked with Cimmeron. He didn't have any for sale, but they were boiling all around his receivers, so we loaded up.

We had a report of marlin off La Jolla, so we started at the upper end of the 9 mile bank. we saw a 'sleeper' first thing but it 'sunk' out.

We saw splashes off in the distance that we were sure were jumping Marlin. One time we actually saw the Marlin jumping. Another time it was a mako shark. We heard Mike 'the beak' Hurt who was in the area running a charter for yellowtail talking to several other boats, being as cryptic as possible. We were able to figure out the boats he was talking to were a little north of us, so we slow trolled that way.

the WAIT N SEA, PESCADOR, HOOKER and Tom Shannahan on the WAIT N SEA hooked up first and got his fish. Stan on the HOOKER passed of an EAL for Ken on the PESCADOR to fix. Ken was able to fix it and passed it back. Right after he made the drop, not one minute in front of us, he hooks up. The PESCADOR got that fish. That was at 12:02, right at high tide. A little later, we heard the HOOKER get a fish. UGH!

Finally ay 1:20, a marlin charges the short starboard lure. It misses it, then comes back, charging hard. Line starts pealing off the reel. Marty did not gun the engines. The reel was full of 20 pound test, with the drag set at 7 pounds! I picked up the rod, which only had light pressure on it, not like Cabo or Hawaii boats where it really takes an effort to get the rod out of the rod holder.

It was a pretty straight forward effort. Take line when you can get it, rest when the fish is taking line. I used the reel handle to help when I was holding the rod up to put pressure on the fish. With 7 pounds of drag, I had to be careful not to put too much pressure on the line with my thumb against the hyperlon.

I had the fish to leader in 24 minutes. Marty did help some with the boat. Geoff leadered the fish, I tagged it and it was on it's way.




8/7/04 - I fished with Al Kelly on his boat HIDEOUT. We hit the East side of South Coronado Island where Yellowtail were reported to be showing pretty good. I hooked up right away, but lost the fish at deep color, the hook pulled. A while later, Al got bit and got his in.

There were many seals to deal with and they were very good at taking the better half of the bait off the hook. A Cormorant got into the act later and we had to push the hook through it's lower bill to release it.

We were stopped by Customs as we came into the Point Loma channel. We were directed to go to Customs check in at the Police dock. Someone was there with the paperwork, so it wasn't a major delay. It looked like they quit flagging down boats right after they pulled up to us and headed in, passing us up. That was at 5pm.