January 2004

January 1, 2004, Al, Lisa and I performed the ritual fishing trip to start the New Year 'catching' fish. We met at the boat at 6:30am, picked up a half a scoop of bait (small sardines) and headed to the lower 9 mile bank. The water was smooth with nice swell at 12 seconds. Temperature was 54 in the harbor and 57 out at the 9 mile bank. We picked up some reds and salmon grouper at the first spot. Only 2 other boats out there. After a couple of hours, we moved to another spot where I picked up a nice cow cod. All in all, we caught 7 reds, 4 salmon grouper, 2 starry's, 2 chill's, 1 copper rockfish and 1 cow cod. I saw one boat in the middle grounds where I heard him say he got one sand bass and one sheephead.
The weather was spectacular. A great way to start 2004!