June 2004

June 26, 2004 - I fished with Al Kelly on his Grady White HIDE OUT today and it was one of those days. We were heading to your numbers from last night when we found a paddy at short of the 371 for three yellowtail. Water was smooth. We continued on to the area from yesterday but nothing was happening.

We were hearing about jumping fish and limits at the 390, so we headed west until we found a bunch of boats. We put in the jigs and before we could get them all out, we had a double plus a couple of baitfish. A purple Yozuri and a lime green/black tuna feather accounted for these fish. We put the jigs back out and had another double on a small purple Catchy jig and a Zuker gold head w/purple feathers, plus 3 baitfish. This action was at 3205-11742, 65.3 degree water. Boats were getting fish from this spot all the way to the 390. Our biggest fish was 25 pounds, although it seemed much larger. Many boats already had limits and headed back. We were at 9 fish and it took a while to get the last albacore. It seemed like the bite slowed down around the time of the tide change. By 10am we had our albacore limits.


The lures that worked today were (from bottom to top) Catchy Tackle-Black/Purple, Zuker Lime green over black, Yozuri purple, and two 7Strand EALs.


Usually Albacore are known for causing 'bloody decks'. We had blood all over the place, up the side of the boat, on the seats, on the underside of the hardtop, the fish finder and both of us! I couldn't resist taking a picture of Al, as he was telling me I had blood on my forehead! :-)

We cleaned he boat up and headed back towards the 371 looking for paddies and yellowtail. We stopped on quite a few paddies, but no yellowtail, so we put in the marlin jigs as we went through the 302 on the way to the Point. Just East of the 302 at 3228-11731 we had a strike on the short lure. It was on for a minute, then got off. We could see the fins as it circled around the long lure while we were still trolling and nailed it. At first I thought it was a marlin, but it finally jumped and I could see the white belly. It was a 50+ pound fish.

During the afternoon, we heard many boats arriving out by the 390 and hooking albacore. Other than lacking sunshine, it was a great day on the water.




One last comment, my Friend Marty swears that bananas are good luck I fished with him a couple of times and we did well. You can always find a bunch of bananas in the galley of the KEN-DAN. I always stop at the 7-11 on Rosecrans to pick up ice and I saw these loose bananas sitting on the counter. Oh well, what the heck! I think I'll start bringing bananas on my trips!

June 16, 2004 - I fished with Mark Thorson and his son Mike on his boat SAFE HARBOR.

Mark started of the morning by fishing for his Penn International 30W that fell off the cart into the harbor on the way down to the boat.

We picked up a scoop and a half of bait which had several nice mackeral mixed in. Winds were out of the South at 10+ knots with wind waves 2-3 feet at close intervals, the swell was from the West. It was like a washing machine out there. It was a terrible weather day on the water where we were. It was chilly and drizzled off and on as well.

We went to the 390 to Bob Vanian's 976BITE numbers from Chris Randall from last night. The water was 'clean green' out to 117.40 then it began to turn blue.

We got one Albacore at 10:40 about 2 miles west of those numbers at 32.05-117.47, and we let Mark's son Mike (4 years old) reel it in while the rod was in the rod holder. There were 5-6 boats north of us, 3 of them party boats. We heard of one other fish caught. Radio chatter seemed light.
Water temp was 62.9 where we got the fish, a 20 pounder, but ranged from 64.5 east of the 390 down to 62.5 as we hit points west of the 390.

Sunsequent fish reports show the fish were a bit further north of us at 32.11 and we went as far as 31.07.











June 5, 2004 - I fished with Mark and 2 young friends of his son. We came across the boat KONA GOLD who was hooked up working a paddy. We stopped and I hooked the first Yellowtail and handed it to Wes. Then Mark hooked up and worked his fish to the boat. I hooked another Yellowtail and handed it off to Matt. Then I hooked one for myself. Matt lost his fish, which was bigger than the others we caught. It worked it's way under the boat. I hooked one more fish from that paddy.

After trolling for many hours without a hookup, I switched out a Rapala for a brand new blue/chrome one.  Not long afterward, I hooked an albacore on the troll and handed it off to one of the Matt. When he got it to the boat, I handed my rod to Wes while I gaffed the fish, and he got hooked up on my rod. That's all we got for the day.

Wes and Matt had taken Seasick pills and were sleepy most of the day. Mark also took the occasional nap while we were trolling. Mark cleaned the fish this trip.

These were their first yellowtail and albacore as well as the biggest fish they ever caught. That made my day!