May 2004

May 30, 2004 - Lisa and I went out over the Memorial Day weekend, hoping for the winds to die down. We were out late the night before, so we got a late start. As I was getting the boat ready, the bait pump wasn't working- UGH. So I shut the engine off to work on it. I cleared the debris from the impeller and re-installed it, and while it sounded like it was spinning faster, but it still wasn't pumping water. When I went to start the engine, there was no power. I pulled a battery charger from my car and could pretty much tell when I hooked it up, that the battery was dead. I headed for West Marine while the battery was charging, hoping they were open at 8am. They were open, but it was a good thing we hadn't gotten to the boat at 4 or 5am. When I got back to the boat, the needle on the charger barely had moved. I put on the new pump, installed the battery and we were good to go.

At the bait receiver, we had a seal, who looked like a water version of Tucker climb on the swim step. He was still there when we left the bait receiver. He was actually trying to climb in the boat, as I was doing 15 knots, so I went after him with the bait net. He jumped of the boat.

By the time we cleared the point, the swells were rolling, but no wind. I didn't see any boats or birds, so I decided to head towards the Coronados.  We stopped at the regular rock cod spot, picked up a couple o fish and the winds came up. We were drifting at 1.3 knots. Lisa started to feel quesy, so we headed back. The ride was smooth and as we approached the harbor, many sail boats were on their way out to take advantage of the wind we dislike so much.


May 15, 2004 - I fished the San Diego Marlin Club's Spring Shootout Saturday with Al Kelly on his boat - HIDEOUT. We got 2 Yellowtail and 2 Albacore to at least be able to weigh something in, however, all 4 fish were very small. Our biggest albacore was 13 pounds, which Al caught and put him in 3rd place in the Albacore division.  We fished west of the 302 where we caught all the fish, then worked down the temp break past the 371 and back. Water was 65.3 and a little choppy til about 11am when the winds came up and added a degree of chop. Al's truck had a dead battery when we got in, so we spent a couple of hours dealing with that and missed the dinner.

   1st -   Marcus Hale @ 23 lb 6 oz
   2nd-   Doug Verani @ 14 lb 12 oz
   3rd-    Al Kelly @ 13 lb 10 oz


First Albacore on the boat

We got two out of a triple hookup on the troll

Velella velella : 
By-the-wind Sailor


Velella velella


May 7 - responding to reports of Albacore out by the 390, Mark, his friend Steve and I headed out on the SAFE HARBOR the night before at 9pm. We had a bright full moon for the ride that got us to the 390 at 3am. Even though we were going 8.5 knots, it was a washing machine ride, very bumpy. It was real windy, just a convergence between wind waves, current and swell.

I really didn't get enough sleep to muster the energy to put some squid out before grey light.

We started trolling at 5:30am and didn't get our first strike until 10am. We had a couple of stops, catching fish on each of the jigs we put out, except for the new one I was trying out, a Yozuri Hydro Magnum Deep Diver. We ended up with 10 fish, 9 from the area around 32.00-117.56 and one near our original starting point, but at the end of the day.  We should have stayed in the area where we caught the 9 fish to finish out our limit of 15 fish. We stopped on a number of kelp paddies but found no yellowtail. Most of the day was spent trolling and sleeping.







My test of the Yozuri was enlightening. We were trolling it at 6.5 knots and the middle hook really cut into the body. I lost one weight due to the brass pulling away from the lead. And finally, the bill pulled away from the body. It turns out that the lure should be trolled at 2 or 4 knots. The problem with that speed is none of the other lures work well. So we will save it for the times when we know there a fish hanging down deep or just feel like trolling sloooow.