March 2005

March 26, 2005. Lisa and I fish with Al Kelly on his boat HIDEOUT.

The recent bad weather kept fishermen off the water, so there wasn't much to go on based on the fish reports. There was one report of bonito off North Coronado Island. We stopped and picked up a scoop of bait.

After we cleared the harbor, we came up on a freighter and watched as the San Diego pilot got off the freighter and on to a tug boat while both were moving.

Then we headed to North Island looking for birds. We ended up circling the island without seeing any life. On the radio someone was saying there were large bonito above North Island. As we headed north of the island, we finally found the birds crashing on the bonito pretty good. We fished the school of large bonito picking of 5, releasing all but one. Lisa pulled in this toad that was over 31 inches long. I had one mounted back in 1984, which we thought was a very large Bonito and it was just under 30 inches long. Bob Woodard Jr, President of the Marlin Club went out Sunday and pulled in a 29 incher on a fly rod with a 16 pound tippet. It weighed 10lb 8oz and has been submitted for the world record in that tippet class.

While we were chasing down the bird schools that were following the Bonito, we ran across a pod of Risso's Dolphins.

Next we went off the edge of the lower 9 and dropped down for the squid. Every one got to pull on a squid. Al hooked one of the larger ones that who actually 'bit' the lower jig with it's beak. To add insult to injury, it got a good shot at Al while I was trying to get the jig loose. Not only did it shoot water, but ink too. The boat was pretty messy from that shot.

Then we headed for a spot where we usually get reds and salmon grouper. By the time we got there, the winds were blowing pretty good and we were drifting at 2+ knots. We picked up some smaller salmon grouper, one red and one copperhead rockfish. I had to get us on the spot and drop fast, otherwise we didn't get any hookups. We got there after the high tide change and the winds were already up. There were good marks on the meter.

The water temperature was 61 degrees in most spots, but we did hit 59 degrees in a couple of spots.

At the launch ramp parking lot, we were questioned about our catch by the DFG surveyor.