September 2005


September 24, 2005

Make a Wish Tuna Challenge

Martin Verdugo's - Los Barriles,
East Cape - September 2005

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September 3, 2005, Al and I fished the 182-138 today.

Today, we could have qualified for 'Launch Ramp Follies'. First, as Al tried to pull away from the trailer, the anchor caught the wench and stopped him from backing off. Then when I got out to look, the truck started to slide backward even though the brake was on. As I tried to get in the truck, I was slipping on the ramp. While I was getting in, the truck was still sliding, now sideways. I tried to hop into the truck and slide on the wet ramp. once in the truck, I tried to power forward, but the wheels kept spinning. I finally realized the brake was on, released it and finally pulled away.

We left Oceanside at 5am, picked up sardines and tried for mackerel in close to shore based on a tip from the master baiter. However, no mackerel to be found in close. About 20 miles we saw bait breaking water, so I threw the lucky joe and pulled in 5 mini-macks. A second throw returned 6 more.

Moved into the 82 area, where there were 30+ boats working the ridge. A fin came up on the short green and black EAL, I called out to Al who saw the fin the second time it came in on the lure. It never bit. Should have tossed a drop back....

A while later, a hookup on the stinger (BP Beeper) I had Al get comfortable and take the rod. I left the engine in gear at idle while I cleared lines (no autopilot). After 10 minutes, the line went slack. No marks on the jig. I should have left it at trolling speed.

A while later, a chaos bite with all three beepers being hit, I think by multiple fish, but nothing stuck. Should have tossed a drop back

A while later one more zip on the stinger. Should have tossed a drop back.

So we struck out, but are getting closer. Our gas tank limits us to about 10 hours of fishing, so we had to turn back before the afternoon bite. Next time, we will shut the engine off for a couple of hours so we can fish both tide changes.

And I may have to re-think my single hook strategy. I heard Ken Morris' explanation on LTH the following Sunday morning on how they tie their hooks and how it wraps the bill of the marlin.

Chlorophyll worked great. Thanks to Marty for the tip on how to read it.