June 2008

June 30, 2008

Fished Sunday on Marty Morris' new boat the KEN-DAN-DY, a 25 foot Parker with twin Yamaha 150 outboards. We found Albacore and Bonito out about 40 miles from Point Loma.
Marty had a tough time with the steering and speed of the boat. He fished the KEN-DAN, 32' twin diesel (160 HP Perkins) Luhrs for 37 years (you can see his adventures at www.ken-dan.com ). The twin outboard Yamaha 150's on the KEN-DAN-DY steer differently and the throttles are sooooo sensitive. He is reluctant to run it over 12 knots. 
The KEN-DAN had auto pilot, and while the KEN-DAN-DY has auto pilot, it wasn't working, so Marty had to steer the whole time.
On the KEN-DAN, his view was from the flybridge, where he could see everything. The view on the KEN-DAN-DY is from the cabin at water level, with the structure of the cabin blocking some of the view. .
His last comment at the end of the day was "This is the biggest mistake I have ever made", I was going to say, "No, selling the KEN-DAN was..", but decided not to. However, he is planning to go out on the 4th of July, with his son, Ken.
Oh, we used 75 gallons, the fill up was at $5.99 a gallon at the fuel dock at Dana Landing.
Maiden Voyage- Mighty Murray's "Ken-Dandy"

Most of our action happened at or near the San Salvador Knoll. Dennis Albert drew first blood with this nice albie. Lots of boneheads out there with a few albies. Attached pics. Seaya!

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