January 2010

First fish (squid) of the year on Marty's KEN-DANDY
Marty Morris, Harry Okuda and I went out fishing on Marty's KEN-DANDY for Swordfish.  This is Harry's report from Bloody Decks...

Swordie fishing Florida style on the KEN-DANDY 1.1.10

What better way to start the year than being out on the water. Drifted on the 300Fa curve inside the 43. With about 5 grand of equipment, you too can soak a bait 2,000 ft down without having to crank the gear back up. Did not connect with the right kind, but we do know that the humboldts are at all depths. Can't get away from those suckers. The humboldts are on the upper end of the 9. Get out there & wipe them out. The beautiful sunset made our day. Seaya!
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We came across the upper 9 and decided to try for Squid, and got even for the day......
We tried several spots in and around the upper 9, but no bites. The New Seaforth showed up at the upper 9 around 5:30pm so we motored 2 miles to where they were, and got bit. The New Seaforth ended up with 100 Squid for 20 anglers.  We could have all we wanted, but three were plenty for us.