August 15-20, 2013

Intrepid Sportfishing

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Joined Ken Morris and Tom Stockey on a 6 day trip aboard the Intrepid out of Point Loma Sprtfishing







Wed. August 21, 2013

      The Intrepid returned this morning from our Soft Steel 6 day trip . Thank you Tony Garza for all the great swag and all your help for making this an incredible trip. Jackpot winners are....1st Place : Chris Cribbs with his 66 lb. Bluefin Tuna ...2nd Place goes to Randall Hupp with his 60.2 lb. Bluefin Tuna and 3rd place Kenneth Morris with his 58.9 lb. Bluefin Tuna. A BIG SHOUTOUT goes to young Justin Wilkinon and his 50+ lb. Bluefin Tuna..Thanks everyone for a great adventure and see you next year..... "The Intrepid Team"      

Tues. August 20, 2013

      WHAT A TRIP!! The Soft Steel USA group has had a trip to remember. Although we didn't score any White SeaBass this morning like we were trying for, we did find the squid in the dark, set up just right, but the Bass never showed. It doesn't really matter that we didn't connect this morning though, it would have been a nice bonus to an already GREAT Trip. Tony Garza(Soft Steel USA) was and is a very generous host/ Charter Master and had a fun time hooking and handing to the young guys on our voyage. Like the one in photo today of a nice Yellow he handed off to Justin and then coached him all the way in.. E.T.A 0600 Wednesday. "The Intrepid Team"      

Mon. August 19, 2013

      What Great fishing!! We finished up on Yellows just before lunch today! Our group is all sore, tired, napping, and enjoying some cocktails and poker games in the galley as I write this up. What great fishing going on right now and with all the signs of much, much, more to come. We are currently working our way up and plan to fish along the beach in the morning. "The Intrepid Team"      

Sun. August 18, 2013

      Fantastic Fishing! We had another great day of fishing here on the Intrepid with our Soft Steel group. Surface Iron, Yo-Yo Iron, Dropper loops, and the fly-lined Sardine all worked well as we easily reached our daily limits of Yellows in the 20-35lb. range. Yes, all excellent grade fish! Our chef Mark Pariano got into the action landing a nice Surface Plug Yellow this afternoon, then ran inside and helped Patrick and guest chef Cory(a guest just out of culinary school!) put out a yummy Sushi spread of both Bluefin Tuna and Hamachi(Yellowtail) for our afternoon snack. Good Times. We will do this again tomorrow. "The Intrepid Team"      

Sat. August 17, 2013

      AWESOME DAY! Our Soft Steel Ultra group had a day to remember. We could go on and on with all the insights to such a fantastic day of Yellow fin Tuna fishing, but we will simply say that we smashed them!! It was a 7 hour drift off a sonar school that went WFO on 20-40lb. Yellow fin until everyone was just worn out! Incredible showing, fantastic fishing, what we all just dream about when preparing for a long range adventure. "The Intrepid Team"      

Fri. August 16, 2013

      Today was our first day of fishing on the Soft Steel Ultra trip and we fished the Bluefin grounds for some excellent quality Tuna. We had a few first timer Bluefin anglers land their first today which is always exciting. It wasn't great fishing as we had to work hard finding many schools just to find one that would stick with us for a bit. We hit a big one around lunch that put on a very impressive show, but only gave us a handful of fish. This evening we found the right one and it went crazy all around the boat, bendo... We drifted with this one until well after dark were we had fish on the jigs under the lights.. A great way to end the day! "The Intrepid Team"