After fishing with a guide service for 5 years, my last trip was with Jeff Melberg, the guy that got me started on Alaska and his friend and Steve. For the trip, we decided to rent a boat from Smittys and do the Kenai ourselves. We fished with Kwikfish and did very well. Jeff had the toughest time but that was because he was running the boat. He did a great job of putting in the right spots. From time to time, he thought he would second guess what was happening and would let more line out. He would tell us how far, then let his out much farther. I figured out that the fish were actually biting closer to the boat. I was the first to get a limit (2 Kings), then Steve and finally Jeff. We had a great time and I sure want to go back, although I may try Kodiak Island and Sitka.

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58 pound Salmon


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Jeff Melberg - A very good Guide

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Except he ate alot....