ALUMINATOR - Dennis Hytinen

3rd Annual Picnic - May 13, 2006

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It was only $1,200 to start with. A guy I know owns a welding shop and it had been siting there for over a year. I kept asking him if he was ready to sell it but intill he broke something on his race car and needed the money he wanted to keep it.

The boat was made in Holland, Michigan, a joint effort between Chris Craft and Rohmer. They made a 27' and a 50' back in the early 60's.

This boat was kept at Ocean Side and sunk at the dock when the owners put a brass or bronze thru-hull and an auto type battery charger on it. Only took two days and there was a hole bigger than your hand in the bottom. I think the ins paid off and it was scraped out. Rudders, props, and shafts cut off and a few holes pounded through the bottom to let the water drain out.

The fun and money started pouring through those same holes and continues today! It was a fun project but I am not ready to do it again. With the new Cummins I am around 50K+, but like the song: "I did it my way"


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Bait Tank built and installed  by Jim Day

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