This is Boots, a cat I rescued from the Seattle Animal Shelter in 1987. Actually, I went there looking for a dog, and as I passed the cats, this one reached out to grab me as if he was saying 'Hey, get me out of here!' I remember saying to him, 'I'll think about it.' I looked at the dogs and on my way back through, there he was giving me the sad eyes. So I said "OK". I brought him home and he took over. He really seemed more like a dog, following me outside on short hikes around the property (4 acres). He would even cross a small stream to stay with me. Over the years, we brought a couple of hundred rescue dogs into the house and Boots performed the cat test. He was never intimidated by the dogs and could hold his own. He would even tempt them by walking under their heads with his tail straight up. There were times when he would lay across the hallway and the dogs would not cross him. He sleeps in the bed with us and generally follows us around the house.

This is Cecil, Lisa's cat. He is visiting and keeping Boots company. He started out shy, would run away from me and hide. He does know breakfast and dinner time. He comes out and rubs up against my leg telling me to hurry. Now any time I sit in the recliner, he jumps in my lap wanting to be petted and brushed.