Costa Rica

I visited Costa rica in 1985 with a trip organized by the Western Outdoor News. We stayed at the Rio Colorado Lodge and had dinner one evening with the owner Archie Fields. We fished the Rio Colorado River for Tarpon. One one occassion we got out into the ocean where I saw a gisnt school of Tarpon rolling on the surface. Fishing for Tarpon in the ocean was far superior to the river.

The next year I went back on my own, and split the trip between the Rio Colorado on the East side and the Pacific Ocean on the West. I hooked up with Milt Moffet who had just retired and we had a great time sharing fishing stories.

80lb Tarpon
CR-tarpon.gif (84216 bytes)

cr-dodo.gif (41351 bytes)  Dorodo (Mahi Mahi)

Milt Moffet
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Pacific Sailfish    cr-sail.gif (74611 bytes)