Creatures that cross our paths....

March 21, 2005 - the first Oriole has arrived, checking out the hummingbird feeder. Last year I found a female dead. I had a roommate for a while who had a cat that would spend some time outside. My guess is that was the culprit. The oriels disappeared after that, but I wasn't sure if it was the end of the season, or the cat got the male too. It was nice to see the male return.



May 10, 2004 - A rattlesnake showed up on the driveway, along the block wall. Looks like he may be from last year. A little movie - 15 meg

April 23, 2004 - To my surprise, I have a hummingbird who has made a nest on one of my fishing poles. I left this morning, closing the garage door and when I returned, this hummingbird was frantically zipping back and for at the door. When I opened it, it flew in and sat on the fishing pole. I didn't realize until I looked a lot closer, there was a nest. Guess I have to keep the garage door open as much as possible. I can't get the rod out without damaging the nest.


April 17, 2004 - As I began my hike around Lake Poway, I ran across these two baby Kangaroo Rats. They were about 10 feet apart and still wiggling. I didn't have anything t put them it or I would have 'rescued' them. I wonder if they were just born or something got into their nest or the mother was moving them and dropped them. They do seem big for new born babies. After thinking about it on subsequent hikes, I think the mother was carrying the babies across the path and when I came up the trail, I may have startled her and she dropped them.

April 9. 2004 - I was walking the property at 9pm when I found this nice 40" King Snake slowly cruising down Crocker Road. I had let the small one go after a few days observation. It was going to be a major project to feed the little one, so I figured he'd be best on his own. This one will eat rats. 

March 31, 2004 -  I was laying block along the driveway and went back over both sides using string to set a straight line. I reset every block. When I lifted one, there was a baby king snake underneath, so I have a new pet.   A little movie 




March 30, 2004 - My neighbor has a cow, that he is raising for "Beef'.  :-(  He keeps it on the corner of the property at the driveway.

March 26, 2004 - The Orioles are back, There is a pair that share the feeder with the hummingbirds, sparrows and others.

March 22, 2004 - Woodpeckers visit the telephone pole every morning. As I look at the profile, I recall a visitor to our back yard palm trees one night and we thought it might have been an owl at forst, then decided it was a dove. Now I think it was a woodpecker based on the profile.

Hummingbirds are regular visitors.

March 8, 2004 - Two Alligator lizards got caught in a glue trap for the rats. I put them in with the scorpion overnight and released them the next morning.

March 7, 2004 - I found this centipede crawling on the carpet very close to where the scorpion was found last year. There are no dogs here and the cats haven't been out for several days, so this guy either rode in on me, came in through the door or the vents. This is only the second centipede like this I have seen, the last one showed up last year while digging up weeds. The day was the first very warm day this year..

March 5, 2004 - Periodically Lisa and I would see 'hawks' of various types and would guess at what they were. This one in particular was a tough one because we would see flashes of white but could really make out the detail. Finally he cooperated and we are able to identify it as a red winged hawk.

March 3, 2004 - The scorpion lives in a 10 gallon aquarium under clay tiles during the day and comes out at night. We feed it crickets and keep a wet sponge for the scorpion to get moisture.

November 23, 2003 - A scorpion showed up in the house next to ZAK. Lisa showed me that scorpions show up in the dark with a black light, so here are some samples.




September 8, 2003 - In the fall, spiders hang out to catch the flying bugs. This one's web is tied to a palm tree, spanning a pretty large space.

September 29, 2002
This rattlesnake was in my back yard while I was mowing. I nearly ran over it with the mower. Released back into the wild, far from home.

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July 24, 2002 Hiking in the Lopez Canyon

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