Our Gang


  • Tucker gets 1 scoop of Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed L&R Food, twice a day.
  • Haley gets 1 scoop of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice puppy food.  twice a day.

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Hay Feeding

Twice a day - Usually 7 am and 7 pm. Feed Sage first.

  • Sage gets a flake of alfalfa.
  • Blackjack gets a flake of alfalfa and 1 flake of grass hay.
  • Bandit gets a flake of grass hay, and a little alfafa.



  • Sage and Blackjack get a scoop  of Senior Feed
  • All three get a scoop of oat/molasses.
  • Sage and Blackjack get a scoop of Equitrol, Bandit gets a half a scoop.
  • Sage gets a scoop of Grand Hoof.
  • Each of them has a feeder hanging from the hay feeder, so you can dump their morning mixture through the open feeder window.


Sage & Blackjack







Dexter - Ringnecked Parakeet

Meals will be made up in advance and in the refrigerator in separate bowls. Dexter gets his meal on the morning visit and corn on the cob (from freezer) in evening (heated in microwave).

He'll have to stay in his cage, since Tucker and Zak will have the run of the kitchen.  But of course you can let him come out while you're there.

Garbage goes in plastic bags in the freezer to keep Tucker and ants from getting into it.

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Sulcatta (African spurred) Tortoise

Patton eats corn, broccoli and collard greens once a day. 


There are two aquariums. Once a day, give each tank some flake food, and a few algae pellets in the tanks for the bottom feeders.  I'll leave the food on top of the tanks.


Please water the plants in the kitchen, the hanging plants in the backyard, and the plants on the front porch.



If the hummingbirds drink all their juice, please refill the feeder with the juice in the fridge.  

We'll be visiting family in Rochester New York.  I'll have my cell phone with me 858 442-6231

Tucker  and Haley like a carrots.  Feel free to give them some.

There are little rawhides on the counter.  Tucker and Haley can have 2 a day.