Al Kelly - HIDEOUT

I met Al in 1995 over the internet while I was in Seattle. He was looking for some information about fishing the East Cape and I had just returned. Turns out he lived in Seattle too. After he got back from the East Cape, we got together and did a lot of fishing for Salmon in Puget Sound off of Seattle and Blake Island. You will see Al in some of my Seattle trips. This is about Al's boat the HIDEOUT. He bought it in Seattle after I left for San Diego. It's a 21 Grady White with a Yamaha 150. He didn't fish it much in Seattle, but it's getting a workout here. These picture are from a trip we took at the end of August 2000, looking for Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna off of Oceanside.

Al is fortunate enough to have a LARGE garage/workshop that he can actully keep his boat in. Most things are loaded the night before, other than my 'stuff'. We just hook up in the morning and go.

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Al runs the boat most of the day, other than when he is rigging his lines, or taking a leak.
Al's homeport is Oceanside Harbor. He has just dropped me off to get the trailer. He is masterful at getting the boat on the trailer.

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I pull the boat up to the staging area, while Al finishes topside. Since we take a short ride on the freeway, everything has to be secure.
Antennas down, running light down, outriggers down and secure, no loose paper or clothing, and engine up.

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Back at the house, Al manages the tedious task of backing the trailer through the driveway.
He usually makes it in one pass, first positioning for cleanup, then the rest of the way into the garage.

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Al does the cleanup from top to bottom, though when I'm around, I get the topside and let him handle the engine and hull.

ak-ho8.gif (60708 bytes)
Al Kelly

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