Front Porch          Back Yard


April 29, 2006 - I finally got around to moving the shed. The first step to adding the carport/deck. I started in November of 2005 to make the space for the shed. I had to cut into the hillside, in order to leave room to get a tractor by if needed.


Ever since we added the corral and horses on the East side of the property, I have wanted to build a deck over a carport. Watching the horses interact is one of the great pleasures of living here. I have finally started this project, first by minimizing the water impact in the rainy season, which I think I have figured out. Then  clearing the brush and Agave in back, as well as the pile of junk in the front along the driveway. After some leveling, I will attempt to move the shed.

March 21, 2004