Carport    Back Yard

Front Porch

4/20/04 - The big rock at the front of the driveway was positioned too far back. Nothing would grow in front of it because it never got water, so I pulled it forward. Now the ice plant can fill in behind.

3/31/04 - With another 40 blocks, I was able to get to the mailbox. I went back over both sides using string to set a straight line. I reset every block. When I lifted one, there was a baby king snake underneath, so I have a new pet.






3/30/04 - I bought 70 new block and was able to put a dent in the East side.

3/29/04 - I was able to finish the west side with all used garden block. We tried to follow the driveway, but it comes out very uneven, so we will go back and even out the block so it looks more uniform, but one side is done.

3/29/04 - I pulled out garden block that had been buried from the run off, a foot below the 'new' surface. Then I covered it all over and leveled my surface so I can get in and out with the trailer.

3/28/04 - Using garden block from the side of the house, I was able to get about 2/3rds of one side done. There are still more block to dig up so I anticipate getting to about 75%. I will purchase the rest to finished the one side, then slowly work on the other side.

Last year I started a project to put a border along the driveway, but never finished it.

The Driveway looks pretty ragged until the ice plant is trimmed.

The horses will eat almost anything, accept weeds. It's amazing how they know the difference. I really don't like mesh wire on a horse corral fence, first because of injury to the horses and second because of looks. They have gotten a hold of the palm trees and love the branches. I finally figured out the best thing to plant is the ice plant we call 'pickle weed'. It works great as a filler along the driveway. Occasionally I have seen Bandit chewing on it, but for the most part, they leave it alone.

February 2000 - Here is the driveway just after I got the well water lines run under the driveway and planted the palms.