Water Runoff

January 14, 2005 - Drying out....

















January 5, 2005 -


















January 3, 2005 It really rained hard.. Since I wasn't able to clear the sand from above, it quickly filled back in and overflowed into the larger pit. about 6 inches of sand was unloaded into the pit. Water was still running through the pipe to the smaller pit with the pump. There was so much pressure from gravity pushing the water through the pipe, it knocked the pump loose from the 'glued' connection. Water still drained through the pipe all the way to the end of the property. So the principle is sound, I just have to manage the water flow better.





















12/04/04 - I rented a Skip Loader for the weekend. It was delivered Friday afternoon. I used it until sundown. Saturday morning when I went out to get started, it had a flat tire. Actually the tire broke the seal and was off the rim. The guys didn't get out until noon and when they finished fixing it, it began to rain. I worked the afternoon in a drizzle until it really started to rain and had to quit. It didn't rain Sunday morning, but the soil was too soggy for me to use the skip loader.






Oooops, my load was a little too heavy and I was pointing slightly down hill. I tipped over. When I got out and looked at the predicament, it seemed logical to use the scoop to push it upright. The problem was getting in the unit, buckling the seatbelt and keeping pressure on the seat so it would start. The seat was in a vertical position. After many tries, I finally got it started and the bucket tipped it upright.








11/26/04 - Cesspool drain is leaking





May 14, 2004 - I finally put in the drain pipe through the corral with the help of Rofino.

April 2, 2004 - I got to test the pump and it worked fine.


















April 2, 2004 Continued. At 4pm, it started to rain hard again. I went out to check the system. There was no water!  I decided to hike up the hill to check out the source. I got near the top and all of a sudden, the water started to flow. There are two sources feeding the problem. One I discover in February where the the High Valley road shoulder ends and all the water comes down the hill. I discovered a second one today. It looks like it's a concrete water pipe collecting over flow. It looks like it "T's" up the a water line, but there is water coming from underneath the cross pipe. I will have the Poway water department check it out.
















April 2, 2004 - We had rain last night, but there was no run of. Today It started to rain about 1pm. At about 2pm the water was flowing to the pump and the pump worked fine. Again the big issue is preventing the debris from plugging up the drains and pump. These pictures are at 3pm.



February 22. 2004 - We good some rain overnight and the system worked like a charm.






February 18, 2004 - We had a day of rain and as long as I kept the screens clear, the pump worked great.



February 2, 2004 - We had a day of rain and as long as I kept the screens clear, the pump worked great. I ahd already cleared out the sand from both screens.




December 26, 2004 - These items were buried by sand from prior runoffs.


and working through November and December 2003, I put in a sediment pit and a sump pump. The idea was that when the water runoff came through the property, I wanted to catch the debris before it got to the pump and the pump would move the water through drain pipe I had installed years before, dumping it out in the lower corral. I also put in a small retaining wall to catch more debris before it got to the sediment pit.








November 11, 2004

Beginning in October, 2003, I started to address the coming rainy season. Runoff from High Valley Road above me, as well as water falling on the hillside, collects and now runs through my property. I had an idea to use a sump pump. Reasearch on the internet lead me to a concept of a 'sediment pit', which basically collects debris and sand before it gets to the pump. Using solid cement walls and concrete block, I started the pit.