Battle with the California Ground Squirrel and Rats

Seems like the Poison sold at Home Depot and Dixieline was not working. The squirrels steal it from the traps, take it to their dens and teach their young not to eat it. So I got a Havahart trap. I started 'catching' the squirrels right away. I release the squirrels about 7 miles away, all in the same place so they can eventually hookup. After realizing there were more than few squirrels, I started spreading the wealth, but still keep them some distance away. Late last year I found out from the Department of Fish and Game, that it is illegal to release the ground squirrels. I guess they want you to kill them. Since this is a public forum, I will stop commenting on the disposition.
Ground Squirrel Description

March 11, 2005 - got the first Ground squirrel of the year. This one was eating the tangerines from the back yard. There are two hanging around the front driveway. I found a hole under a paving stone that goes under the driveway.

April 18, 2004 - I think I finally got the resident ground squirrel from the back yard. He actually lives in the neighbors yard and visits me.

March 30, 2004 - A lost gopher


March 17, it has taken a couple of weeks, but this morning, there was a rattling noise out back and sure enough, one ground squirrel in the trap. It isn't the one who lives in the back though.

March 8, I left the glue strip in the trap and caught 2 lizards. I used olive oil to loosen them without even breaking off their tails. I put them in an aquarium overnight for observation to ensure the glue isn't going to harm them. Both were released unharmed. I removed the glue strip.

March 4, 2004 - I have seen a ground squirrel working in the flower bed, so I brought out the trap. I was putting cheese in and for 3 days, te cheese would disappear but the trap wasn't sprung. So I put in a glue strip. It turned out to be a wiley Blue Jay, released unharmed, just it's ego bruised.

11-3-03 - There was one squirrel in the neighbors yard that was successfully avoided the traps. I hadn't seen him for two months, so I figured he has departed the area or was dead. Then I saw him Saturday - 11/1 on the top of the fence. He looked back at me with the look of a dare. So I got my trap that has worked so well and set it up on top of the back fence. It only took one day. Now the problem is where to move him to. The fires have burned the places I have released them in the past.

Caught a Rat 10/9 - 7:30pm - The dogs alerted me of the catch

Entered from the other side and
got stuck coming out.

Caught a Rat 10/5 - Overnight

Caught a Rat 10/3 - Overnight

While I was trapping the squirrels, I attempted to use the same traps on some rather large rats I have seen around my house. They are either Norwegian Rats or Roof Rats. They ate the rat poison inside the trap, without ever tripping the trap. I gave up. Then I was moving a dog house this week and this hugh rat ran out from underneath! So I resorted to glue trays. On 10/2, using a bait box, with rat poison inside, then placing a glue tray inside, I thought I could minimize the commotion the rat might cause, so it wouldn't get the dogs riled up. The rat got inside the bait box, ate some poison, but never got on the glue tray. On 10/3, I modified my approach. I put the glue tray outside at the openings of the bait box. I got this guy the first night. Note the credit card in the right hand picture for size reference. This rat was as long as the glue tray.

10-1-03 - There is one squirrel in the neighbors yard that has successfully avoided the traps. I haven't seen him for over a month, so I guess he has departed the area or is dead.

Caught a bird 8/27 - 7:00am - 7:30am - Released

23. Caught 8/25 - 8:00am, released 10:00am

22. Caught 8/22 - 6:30am, released 8:00am

Caught 3 rabbits 8/19 - 7:00am - 5:00pm - All Released

Caught a rabbit 8/15 - 5:00pm - Released 8/15 5:30pm

21. Caught 8/10 - 8:00am, released 10:00am

20. Caught 8/8 - 6:00pm, Released 8/8 8:00pm

18. & 19. Caught 8/6 - 5:00pm (found them when I got home), Released 8/6 - 6:30pm
This was a double header, one on the East side and the first one in the driveway trap. There was no weight on the trap and the squirrel knocked the trap off the riser. This trap has a single, spring loaded door, so the squirrel wasn't able to escape.

Caught a rabbit 8/5 - 6:30am - Released 8/5 6:45am

Caught 7/25 - 7:00am, Released 7/25 7:30pm
For the 4th time, a bird got caught, the California Thrasher a second time....

17. Caught 7/24 - 4:30pm, Released 7/24 - 6:00pm

16. Caught 7/21 - 9:00am, Released 7/21 - 10:00am

15. Caught 7/20 - 8:00am, Released 7/20 - 9:00am

Caught 7/18 - 2:00pm, Released 7/15 2:30pm
For the 3rd time, a bird got caught, this time a California Thrasher....

14. Caught 7/15 - 2:00pm, Released 7/15 4:00pm

13. Caught 7/12 - 3:00pm, Released 7/12 7:00pm

Caught 7/11 - 10:00am, Released 7/11 10:30am
For the 2nd time, a bird got caught, a blue Jay....

12. Caught 7/10 - 10:00am, Released 7/10 - 1:00pm

11. Caught 7/9 - 1:00pm, Released 7/9 - 2:00pm

There seems to be less squirrel activity in the front area, however, there are several working the back. I took one of the traps and set it up in the back.

10. Caught 7/5 - before 2:00pm, Released 7/6 - 8:00am

9. Caught 7/2 - 12:00pm, Released 7/2 - 3:00pm

8. Caught 7/1 - 4:00pm, Released 7/1 - 5:00pm

7. Caught 6/30 - 8:00am, Released 6/30 10:00am

6. Caught 6/29/03 - 2:00pm, Released 6/30 - 7:00am
One also visited the other trap, knocked it off the blocks and took the food without tripping the door.

5. Caught 6/28/03 - 3:00pm, Released 6/28 - 5:00pm

After the second day, I thought a squirrel had gotten in the new trap and took all the food without tripping the trap. Back to the drawing board. I re-read the instructions and found there was a way to set the trap with only one door open. (Actually, it turned out to be birds.)

I picked up a second trap because two squirrels had come across the corral and were nosing around the area where the trap was originally located and there are also squirrels behind the house. This one works a little differently, with a door at each end. So put it across the corral and put the old one back to it's original location.

On June 25th I moved the cage across the coral, thinking I had gotten all the ones that came over to the house. On the 26th, I saw at least one come over to where the trap was originally located..... takers

4. Caught 6/25/03 - 1:00pm, Released 6/25 - 5:00pm

3. Caught 6/21/03 - 6:00pm, Released 6/22 - 7:00am

2. In about an hour on 6/18/03 - 4:00pm,  Released 6/18 - 4:30pm

On 6/18/03 the trap was moved closer to their habitat and covered up with the box it came in

1. Caught 6/13/03 6:00pm, Released 6/14 - 6:00am