San Diego July 2003 - Fishing

I had the pleasure of fishing with my son, John, my grandchildren Stetson, Shelbi and Parker and Lisa on July 3rd. We weren't in any big hurry so we all met at the boat at 7am. We picked up bait and proceeded to head out of the harbor. On the radio, I heard there was a submarine and warship coming in the harbor. Sure enough, as we cleared the bait receivers two tugs were towing in the sub, with the warship right behind. Since they were going to be taking the sub to the normal place, it was best if I crossed the channel and went on the outside of them. As I got to the red buoy, the Coast Guard chased me down, basically telling me to stay out of the channel and slow down as to not generate a wake when the ships pass by.

Once they were out of our way we picked up speed and cleared the point. Looked like a heavy fog bank rolling in as I cleared the #4 red buoy. All of a sudden as the fog bank was approaching us, I heard a loud horn blast from a ship. Yikes. I pulled up the radar and while it was warming up we strained to see through the fog. All we could see was the mast above the fog...  If you look real hard, you can see it. The fog over took us, the radar showed me where the ship was and we basically stayed outside the channel. Whew!

We fished a rocky area in the fog north of the #3 buoy. John and Lisa each picked up a ling cod. I hooked something nice an handed the rod to Stetson. He fought it for a little bit, but it got off. When he brought the hook up, the bait was still there and it was chewed pretty good, so it was probably a halibut or a ling cod. 

The wind came up so I decided to try to head out of the fog. The kids weren't having a good time. Stetson and Shelbi kept chumming over the side and wanted to lay down. Parker didn't get sick, but got bored with the slow action, so he wanted to take a nap too.

 Went down to Imperial Beach, but the water was really dirty there. I headed back up to Point Loma and fished of the Jetty for a little bit. The fog hung off the point, so we decided to call it a day. As they say, "The worst day of fishing is better than the best day of work", and it was.

What a difference a couple of days make. I was fishing with Al on his boat the HIDEOUT on July5th. I dropped John and the gang off a the airport at 5am July 5th. On the way, I realized I didn't have my boat key so I couldn't get my rods. I check with Al via cell phone and he already left Oceanside. He had three rods on the boa and we would share. I thought I might be able to get in the security gate and 'break in' to my own boat. I was running a little ahead of Al so I went by my boat, but no one was moving due to 4th of July festivities. So I gave up. I met Al at the launch ramp and he suggested we just run over there in his boat. Perfect. There was a slip empty down a few from mine, so Al parks the boat when I get my stuff.

When I comeback, Al is talking to Greg Rogers from EN FUEGO which is the boat he parked next to. I had Lisa take a picture of his boat in the slip on Thursday when we were coming back in. Greg told us the Sand Bass were biting real good at 32.31-117.11, as he had reported to 976-bite. He had fished the 4th with a mutual friend, Tom Cahill and the boat also landed a White Seabass and a Yellowtail. We chatted for a bit and then took off.


We picked up a mix of bait and head through the fog. It was heavy in the harbor all the way to our destination. Warship #7 appeared inside the channel at a pretty good clip through the fog, The Coast Guard didn't chase anyone out of the way.

We stopped at the bait receiver and picked up a mix of sardines and anchovies. We went to Gregs numbers and anchored up. Al immediately picks up a nice bass of a sliding sinker rig. Then he hooks a small shark. We picked up a couple more small bass, but a lot of sharks, so we moved to where the fleet was and 32.32-117.11. We anchored again and picked up one shark. We heard one guy saying they were eating plastics on the troll. So off we go. Al was getting bit regualrly on a trout pattern Fish Trap, but I wasn't getting anything on m Rebel lure. I switched to a smaller one then got bit. More important there were great meter marks in that spot, so we anchored up. Now we were getting bass like crazy. We let most go, only keeping the larger ones. We ended up with 11, releasing twice that many. What a day. I wished we could have had that bite in Thursday.


Thanks Greg....

Al Lisa and I went fishing on Al's boat. We debated on going for Albacore but we got some bad signals so we stayed local for the sand bass. The sand bass bite started slow, then picked up after the tide change. We had plenty to keep us busy.

And the water was like glass...

     All the while we could hear the private boaters calling each other in on spots after they got their limits. They were getting double, triple, quadruple and 'whatever continues to come after that' hookups on the troll and bait fish to boot! Man we wished we had headed out there, but we would have been pushing our range.