This is a Mako Shark we caught in 1986 in a tournament. Vic Rilling, John Croft and I were the 'Tight Lines' team. We took 2nd place.

It weighed 81 pounds and took 3 of us to subdue it. Vic was standing on the side rail with a long gaff and as the Mako started it's spinning routine. Vic had the butt of the gaff against his body for leverage and as the Mako was spinning, it began to twist his jacket around the gaff. At one point, Vic thought he might be swimming with the Mako.

This Mako was caught on another boat I had, a 29' Luhrs. We slow trolled a dead mackerel sewn on a 12/0 sea deamon Mustad hook about 30' below the surface on a downrigger. Deadly system. While we were pre-fishing, we had a whale following us that eventually took the bait. That Penn 50W sure was screaming out the line.

Mako sharks 'jump' as high as 30' in the air when hooked and have been known to jump into boats, so they are pretty dangerous if you aren't careful. In 1989 or 90, there was a 1,100 pound Mako caught out here.... I don't think I would have messed with that one.....

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