Welcome to TiVo !

Congratulations on joining the TiVo team! With your new TiVoŽ DVR and the TiVoŽ service, you have years of entertainment enjoyment ahead of you. Here are a few key online resources to ensure you get the most out of your TiVo experience. Please take a moment to bookmark them now.

Get connected and stay connected.
To enjoy home media features, such as the Digital Music Player and the Digital Photo Viewer, connect your TiVoŽ DVR to your home network. Just follow these step-by-step instructions. Also, sign in to TiVo Central Online anytime to search TV listings and, if you have broadband, schedule recordings from the web (handy when you're stuck at work).

Manage your account.
With instant access to your account, you can change your credit card, view your billing history, update your contact information (including e-mail), and more at Manage My Account. Sign in now with your e-mail address and choose a password so you're good to go (you'll use your Manage My Account login for TiVo Central Online, too).

Parents take control with TiVoŽ KidZone.
TiVoŽ is now fortified with TiVoŽ KidZone. Endorsed by Parents' Choice Foundation, Parents Television Council and many others, TiVoŽ KidZone gives parents complete control over what their kids are watching. TiVoŽ KidZone is a personalized TV area where children can find tons of the best, quality programming that their parents have pre-approved whenever they turn on the TV - live or recorded. Check it out. With KidZone Guide recommendations, you can see what the experts like Common Sense Media recommend, then choose the shows that are best for your family.

For newly purchased TiVoŽ boxes, you can expect to receive TiVoŽ KidZone* within 24-48 hours after setting up your TiVo box and activating service. Can't wait? We understand. If you are eager to get TiVo KidZone right away, after going through guided set-up, you can take a few simple steps to call into the TiVo service and get TiVo KidZone without delay!
* Available only with TiVoŽSeries2™ DVRs.

Check out cool TiVo accessories.
Browse and shop for dozens of items (with new items added regularly) at TiVo Gear. From TiVo Tees to wireless modem jacks, sports caps to S-video cables, you'll find it all, including the perfect gift for friends and family. NEW! Get the new TiVo wireless adapter so you can enjoy all TiVo broadband services AND eliminate the need for a phone line.

Share ideas, get news and meet like-minded friends.
Exchange tips and tricks, recommend TV shows, view the TiVo Top 10, apply to be a Beta tester, and read the latest news in the "I Have TiVo!" section of tivo.com.

Never before has there been anything like the TiVoŽ service. It's truly an amazing way to get all the entertainment you care about--from TV and music to movies and photos-- so you can enjoy it whenever you want. It's great to welcome you to the TiVo family!

Ask questions, if you have them.
For support issues, including instructions on how to set up your DVR, troubleshooting tips and more, you can find answers at the Customer Support website. Or, for help from some enthusiastic experts, check out the TiVo Help Forums. There, you'll find rookie and veteran TiVo subscribers alike dispensing their wisdom.

Terms of Service
By activating TiVo Service, you have agreed to subscribe for a minimum of one year. No early termination fee applies if canceled within 30 days. For complete terms and conditions of your TiVo service subscription, see tivo.com/policies. If you activated with a gift subscription, see tivo.com/giftcard for separate gift subscription terms and conditions